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With generations of family-run photo booth operations nationwide, we have the history and experience to comfortably call ourselves the EXPERTS (but then, we have been called the Photo Booth Mafia…)

The foundation of this unique company is a concept born out of many talents.

The result was the Epod Talking Photo Booth!  A 21st century iteration of an iconic 1940’s photo booth; a classy, elegant design with the added entertainment feature to play with guests inside the booth by “talking” or interacting with them.  Here’s how it works…We were fortunate to have a great deal of in-house talent (that Mafia thing again…); investors, design engineers, manufacturing wizards and a creative team that had star-studded entertainment credentials and the technology to bring it all together.

It can be likened to getting in a photo booth with a stand-up comedian!  Each Epod has its own personality and responds accordingly to whoever is in the booth at any given time during the event.  The booth talks to them, jokes with them, parties with them. Guests are completely surprised when the Epod suddenly says “Please don’t DO that!” or “Is it possible to be THAT good looking?” or “Please KISS the person next to you!” etc.  As guests respond with laughter, our camera captures the truly spontaneous reactions of each guest at their happiest/silliest moments. Guests come back all night to see what new and hilarious things thebooth will say to them.  In addition, Epods provide the highest quality photos in the industry, our “Epod Portraits”.

As a full-time company, Epod Talking Photo Booth is a regular feature at movie premieres, ComicCon, corporate events, fund raisers, private parties and the most exclusive weddings and events in Southern California. Our personal attention to detail and customer service enhances our expertise at providing everything to ensure a successful and memorable event.  We are dedicated to providing a service that will exceed all of your expectations!

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