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I have loved desserts my whole life. I started baking as soon as my parents let me. Because I was brought up in a European household, only fresh ingredients were available. If you wanted something to eat you had to make it. My summers were filled with trips to the store and afternoons of baking, and then devouring, by me and my 4 siblings. My Belgian born father Don Coulon was at this time a computer scientist but was also becoming very well known for his culinary skills in San Diego. The church spaghetti dinners had turned into feasts of Boeuf Bourguignon and Coq au Vin. He had learned about cooking from his mother Anne-Marie Defays who had been a professional chef.

During my high school years our family moved to Paris. We traveled to my father’s home in Liege and had many amazing meals with his family. My fondest memories are of his mother Anne-Marie’s Belgian waffles and fruit pies. My mother Arlene attended a French cooking school and taught me all the pastry-making skills she was learning. We spent many an hour taking turns whipping ingredients by hand in our Paris apartment. I realized how good desserts could be. She started talking about opening a dessert shop when we returned to San Diego. One day my Dad said “ Why don’t we just open a restaurant?!” That is how the Belgian Lion Restaurant started. I was attending school to be a computer scientist but also started making the desserts for our new restaurant. I did work in the computer field running back and forth to the restaurant everyday often baking in high heels and office attire. I finally quit my computer job, working at the restaurant as hostess, waitress, sous-chef, etc until I had enough dessert business to pay the bills.

Our family ran the restaurant for 25 years until my parents retired. I then opened Michele Coulon Dessertier. My son Nathan who grew up and worked at the Belgian Lion decided to work with me a little and started cooking for us. Along with my brother-in-law “Buddy” Don Ramsdell, my sister Dona, my brother Don, and Nathan’s now wife Kayo, the Belgian Lion started up again on a small scale at Michele Coulon Dessertier.

My philosophy: Dessert is not something you eat everyday, so make it worth your while….I would rather eat a small piece of something incredible than a lot of something not so great !

Use the best possible ingredients, and the best method in making a dessert. The time it takes cannot be a factor. The final outcome is what counts. It should taste and look amazing but IT HAS TO LOOK EDIBLE! I want guests at a wedding to look at the cake as a beautiful piece of art, but also an edible piece of art, and something they can’t wait to eat!

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The French Gourmet

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Elegant Wedding Cakes

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable occasions of your life. You have likely been planning this day for some time– you want it to be perfect, and only the best will do!  The French Gourmet specializes in Elegant Wedding Cakes that will add sophistication and style to your special day.

The wedding cake is more than just dessert for your guests, it also serves as the centerpiece for the wedding reception, often tying together the theme, colors, and overall “feel” of the festivities. More importantly it depicts the personalities the bride and groom. An Elegant Wedding Cake reflects the discerning taste of the wedding couple and is usually the best choice for more formal or evening weddings set in graceful surroundings.

While choosing the perfect wedding cake is one of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding planning, it can also seem daunting with all the choices that await you. With 30 years of experience, The French Gourmet’s knowledgeable wedding cake specialists are here to assist you in selecting the perfect wedding cake based on your personal desires and needs. And you can feel confident that your wishes are carried through from the time our fresh ingredients are whipped together in our state-of-the-art bakery, until the time your cake is professionally assembled by our trained wedding cake staff. When the special moment arrives for you to slice into that very first bite, you will know that your wedding cake pleases the palate as well as the eye!

Our expert bakers and pastry chefs make every cake to order, using only the freshest ingredients–no processed or pre-made cake mixes! Select from our 14 delicious flavors (you may even choose multiple flavors, if you would like) and an array of finishes including: butter cream, chocolate butter cream, whipped cream, fondant, chocolate fondant, marzipan, ganache, and shaved white chocolate. Your Elegant Wedding Cake will not only be an aesthetic work of art, it will be delicious as well!

We have an impressive gallery of designs in our portfolio, and most of them can be altered to match your particular color scheme and/or theme. Our selection of Elegant Wedding Cakes included such favorites as: “Draped Elegance;” “Seashell Iridescence;” “Golden Romance;” and the “Traditional French Croquembouche.” You may even consider opting for individual cakes, petits fours, or tuxedo-decorated strawberries. If you already have an idea in mind, bring pictures to your appointment–our specialists will work with you to customize a wedding cake that is perfectly suited to your needs.

If it is elegance you seek, we at The French Gourmet are committed to providing you with the wedding cake of your dreams. Please call for a complimentary wedding cake consultation.

How to buy a Wedding Cake, Tips & Answers

How soon should I place my cake order?

You may place your wedding cake order as soon as you decide on your wedding date. We prefer that the order be placed at least one month prior to your wedding. We make every effort to accommodate last minute orders. Appointments are recommended for all cake orders.

Can my wedding cake have more than one flavor?

Yes, you may choose from our selection of delicious flavors. However, we recommend that you order only two different flavors. Your guests will want to sample all the flavors and there is a chance that you may run out of cake.

I have a special design in mind and I have a picture of how I want my wedding cake to look. Will the Pastry Chef make it?

In many cases we can customize your cake. The Pastry Chef must approve the order before we can confirm that we will provide it for you. Ideally, you should set-up an appointment with our San Diego Wedding Cake Coordinator specifying that you will need to have your cake approved by the Pastry Chef.

Do you provide sugar flowers or other decorations?

Yes. Our Pastry Chef can decorate your wedding cake with an elegant cascade of sugar flowers, with marzipan flowers and icing, or candied violets at an additional charge.

What are my choices of tier stands?

For a traditional look we recommend either our white plastic tier stands with elegant white pillars, or our clear acrylic tier stands with elegant clear twisted pillars that give the appearance of glass. For a beautiful cascade effect where each cake sits on a separate tier stand at a different level we recommend either our white plastic stands or clear acrylic stands. We also have beautiful engraved silver cake stands, to really give your cake a grand effect.

What time should the wedding cake be delivered?

We recommend that your cake be delivered one hour prior to the start of your reception, but this may vary depending on the weather, whether your cake is inside or outside, in the sun, etc. We will do our best to accommodate your florist. Please note that the cake can be only guaranteed for up to four

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